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River Kids

Dear Parent - Welcome to the River Kids page! 

RiverKids exists to help children love and enjoy God, the family of God, and serving others

We’re here to provide a safe and fun environment that is engaging to your child as they learn about Jesus. It’s our honor to partner with you in this process. We seek to serve you and your kids with five core values:


We don’t want to simply entertain or babysit your children. We want children to learn about Jesus. The content of the kids’ environments is geared towards a child’s learning level, with specific lessons they can apply in their lives. Kids are wired to move and interact with their environment; therefore, River Kids' environments are designed to help kids learn about Jesus through interaction. Lessons about Christ and the Bible will be developmentally appropriate and will help them understand God’s love and plan for their life.


We believe that what happens at home is more important than what happens when the church gathers. River Kids seeks to partner with parents by providing resources, support, and encouragement as they lead their families in being and making disciples of Jesus.


We know the anxious feeling of letting other people take care of our kids. We want every parent to know that their kids will be loved and cared for as if they were our own. We are here to encourage, laugh with, and play with the children. We desire to demonstrate the love of Christ so that kids in our ministry experience His love as they learn about it.


We will provide a safe environment for children to enjoy. We want children to be safe and feel safe, and parents to rest assured that their child is well cared-for while they are in the Gathering. There are always two background-checked adults with children at all times. Read more about our security policies here.


We want kids to have fun! Our desire is to see kids have such a good time they will be begging their parents to come back the next week. We believe creating this fun environment for kids will help children learn more about Jesus. We use games, crafts, props and creative stories to communicate the message of Jesus in ways that are engaging, interesting, and memorable to our kids.


If you would like to know what to expect for your first visit - we have a page dedicated to providing you with that information here.

For more information about River Kids, please explore our security & wellness policies, or contact our our Director of Educational Ministries, Ben Robison at ben32robison@gmail.com